You may be interested in family travel as an opportunity to get away from the daily grind and be present with your family, to learn new things together, as a new hobby, or just to get outside and enjoy nature. There are many people that have a family adventure blog, which helps give other families ideas for fun traveling activities and places. According to Small Biz Genius, individuals who blog publish over 7.5 million posts daily, or over 2.5 billion annually. The top three blog niches are lifestyle, food and travel. This shows the many resources you can use for inspiration for traveling as a family. Check out 3 tips below that you can incorporate on your next trip for traveling on a budget.


1. Research Different Locations to Travel


One of my favorite things to do as a kid was spin the globe, close my eyes, and stop the globe by putting my finger on a spot. Also as a kid, I used to tell my parents that once I had my license, I was going to drive down every road I’ve never been down. Road trips have been a staple past time for our family, being we traveled back and forth from the Midwest to the East coast on an annual basis. So I was exposed at a young age to the wanderlust many people are seeking these days.

There are several ways to research different locations to travel. One is to do the globe spin and pick, and then a Google search. You can also make a bucket list and start researching the places you want to go by a certain time. It’s also important to ask input from the children. These are family adventures which means family input is required.

AAA offers an extensive collection of resources for travel destinations and they can also help you get there if you utilize their trip planning services. A AAA membership also gives you great deals on experiences, lodging, gas, groceries, and on merchandise.

It’s also fun to ask input from friends and others via social media. Connecting with your network can give you a more realistic perspective on travel locations than if you are just relying on websites. Lodging apps like AirBNB also provide insight into travel destinations and experiences. Depending on the season and location, you can also score some really great deals on lodging through this application.

Depending on where you live, there may be natural locations such as parks, water reservoirs, or forests that you want to travel to. Family adventure blog content often includes ideas for nature spots, outdoor museums, and state parks, which can inspire you to seek a place you’ve never been. Focusing your family on nature and its beauty might be what you need to feel closer to your roots and create a positive experience for your loved ones. I like to take photographs and videos of our family adventures for keepsake and also to share with others at a later time. Connecting with family in nature really means disconnecting from the rest of the world.


2. Rent an RV or Traveling Van


If you have a smaller vehicle for your family, you might think about renting an RV or large transportation. Family adventure blogs often shows families being on the road for a week or more at a time, and this idea might interest your family. Having the space and storage you need is important. Therefore, renting an RV can provide space and save you money invested in purchasing one. Using your own vehicle for travel adventures not only adds miles, it also adds wear and tear. Some adventures are more terrain than others. And if you’re sharing a small space with three or more humans… and maybe even a furry loved one or two, it can get quite crowded, and rugged.

Resources like Cruise America and Outdoorsy offer an array of RVs, camper vans, and trailers for your choosing. There is also good old Craigslist if you are looking to purchase a used traveling vehicle. Another trend for traveling family bloggers, and just travelers in general, is purchasing a school bus or city bus and rehabbing it to fit their needs. While this will cost money and time upfront, in the long-run, if you’re planning on some really big adventures with kids for the next fifteen years, this may be the way to go.


3. Check Out Family Travel Blogs Beforehand


It is easy to get ideas for making your family travels fun, and doing some research beforehand could help you enhance the experience. Families who are active bloggers are invested in giving inspiration to others, so this is a great tool to take advantage of. When you are searching online, look for travel bloggers who have inspired others, and are dedicated to bringing families closer together while traveling.

Some of our favorite family bloggers and influencers are the Bucket List Family, the Wanderpreneurs, and Parenthood and Passports. Each family has their unique stories, adventures, and tips on making it happen with the bunch! I love living vicariously through these folks!!


There is a world of options out there when it comes to what your budget-friendly family traveling event or vacation can include. Whether you want to highlight activities with your kids or have some time away to work on lifestyle choices, a lowkey trip may be the right choice for your family.

For more ideas on traveling with family, check us out on YouTube to watch our Variant Adventures. We also love hearing your stories and suggestions for fun family destinations and travel hacks! Feel free to leave those in the comments!