We’re looking for individuals who are Ambassadors for Christ! Our values require us to go out into the world and share the love of Christ with everyone. Our products help share His message so we want to help equip you to go out and share like He has helped us.

Our goals are:

  • Increase people’s awareness of God
  • Reach people in new places
  • Build a following for Christ
  • Foster commitment to the mission

Ways in which we can work together could include:

  • Positively representing the brand in a myriad of settings though action and demeanor
  • Cooperating and assisting in content creation (blogs, posts, reviews, product promotion)
  • Utilizing word of mouth marketing to help naturally generate brand awareness
  • Promoting the brand on social media platforms
  • Participating in product and event marketing such as launches and demonstrations
  • Communicating with consumers on product feedback and listening for recommendations
  • Being an opinion leader and expert on product

Together we can reach more people and have a greater impact. Help us share His love and submit your Brand Ambassador application today.