What Is A Collaborative Partner?

A company, organization, brand, or individual who works with Variant Adventures to move toward  the overarching goal of making the world a better place. Our partnerships should reflect our desire to make a positive social and/or environmental impact. Our hope is that these relationships are long-term while our collaborative projects will vary in time commitments.

Why Collaborate?

We believe collaborating with other organizations can help us to reach more people and have a bigger impact in a shorter amount of time. 

2020 made us realize that we need to make some dramatic changes in our lives and the way we treat each other and treat our environment. 2020 was an eye opener for many of us, realizing our businesses weren’t sustainable. One of the changes we are making is a shift in perspective and the way we operate. Our family was never down for creating businesses in an effort to compete with others. We always wanted to fill a need and have fun with it. Our goal is to build bridges between businesses. We share in the vision of a collaborative society. “A collaborative society is not about short-term philanthropic hand-outs or PR opportunities. It’s about building long-term relationships whereby businesses are internalising global development goals as relevant to core value propositions.”

Creating an ecosystem where we have a shared vision, serving each other, helping each other create value, committing to each other, and pursuing jointly formulated strategies and goals establishes stronger foundations for sustainable enterprises. We believe there are many ways in which small-business owners can join forces and learn from each other, exchange ideas, increase purchasing power and grow revenues. We have a responsibility to do better than we did before. And if there is one phrase that caught on in 2020, it was that we are “Better Together”.

“From climate change to depleting natural resources, from food security to youth unemployment, the challenges the world faces today are unprecedented in terms of both scale and complexity. In our highly interconnected world, these challenges do not respect borders and they affect the wellbeing of society, the health of the environment, and the prosperity of economies alike. They are everybody’s problems and they require all actors of society to work together to provide the solutions. Economic development is the only way countries can leave behind enduring chronic poverty for good.”

So what can we do to bring our businesses together to do good? How can we use the God-given gifts and talents we have to make a positive impact?

Collaborative Partner vs. Equity Partner

This is not an equity partnership, but a collaborative partnership. Partners will have a stake in the company by means of working together to accomplish goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Collaborative Partners will not obtain shares of the company. If a Collaborative Partner is interested in equity, we are open to discussing this option. Our intention is to evolve into a Benefit Corporation so please be mindful that we are not in this business for profit, but for the mission and public benefit.

Steps To Become A Collaborative Partner

Fill out the following form to get started. Once we review the form, we will reach out and begin our journey together. Download our guide to learn what to expect for next steps!

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