Sow A Seed To Help Those In Need

Thank you for your desire to help! Our seed bank is designed to collect donations and be redistributed back into the community. This could mean we use the funds to purchase supplies at a local business and then take the supplies to a different community that lacks that resource. 

By making an investment into the Seed Bank, you can rest assured your investment will be used to bless another. A year end impact report will be posted on our site within 120 days of the start of the new year that will share how funds raised were distributed and made an impact. Please feel free to subscribe on the right of your screen to receive these updates via email.


In 2017, Jason and I had the blessing to serve at Upendo Children’s Village in Mzuzu, Malawi. I went in February and by the grace of God, He blessed us with the funds so Jason could go with a team in August. This was both our first time serving as missionaries out of the country, and praise God we had this opportunity! I believe it helped us to understand what the process will be like serving around the world.

Upendo in Swahili means “Love”.  Let us be Love wherever we go. We want the way we live our lives to be an example of how God loves unconditionally.

In 2011, Jason and I moved to Taguig, Philippines. This was after I quit my first corporate job out of college, sold or threw away almost everything I owned, including my car, and with two carry on bags, jetsetted to Manila. This trip changed the trajectory of my life. I never saw poverty in the way I did here. And I never saw happiness the way I saw it here. When we got back to the states about a month after Fukushima, I decided I wasn’t going to go back to being a doormat at a large corporation where I didn’t feel my voice mattered. I wanted to do work that made a difference.

In 2013, my mother was diagnosed with both breast cancer and mouth cancer. This required weekly treatments and four hour long chemo cocktails. I was so grateful to be there with my mother during this time, and willingly became my mother’s caregiver and biggest advocate. I dived into every resource I could find and through that, I also received support from the resources we were getting connected to. I began advocating for more than just my mother, but for everyone. The American Cancer Society helped save my mom, and myself, and the least I could do was go out and raise awareness, funds, and my voice for those who couldn’t.

nancy silberkleit photo of super city

Photo Credit: Nancy Silberkleit

Have you ever been to a comic-con? If you have, you know how awesome and awestruck you can become, but you also know that attending one comes with a lot of challenges. My husband has a special relationship with comic-cons because these are the heroes he grew up with. He came from an unhealthy childhood where he was abused, bounced around from foster home to foster home, and was bullied in school. He knows how important it is to give people access to heroes, especially those who don’t normally have them. After experiencing several comic-cons with me and his children, some of the challenges we faced were cost, lack of space, lack of time to experience all there was to offer, lack of quiet space, and the list goes on. So in 2018 Jason began to assemble a Super Team, and in 2019, threw an all-inclusive, free to the public, outdoor, city-wide, multi-venue, comic-con called Super City.

While in the Philippines, I was introduced to the organization, WE International. At the time, they had boots on the ground in Manila. They introduced me to Smokey Mountain or the Payatas Dumpsite, which was Manila’s (population in 2021 estimated 14,158,573) largest garbage dumpsite. Witnessing how these families lived and how they worked to survive altered my perspective on how wasteful and blessed I truly have been.

Cooking brings our family joy. Well, I enjoy baking more than cooking, but I do find joy in working behind my husband cleaning up while he cooks. Both children have been in the kitchen with us since babies. Ezrah was growing up in the kitchen in our café before the pandemic, and Elijah has been by our side cooking at the Hope Lodge since he was an infant. The Hope Lodge is a beautiful establishment that has many locations throughout the United States and provides free accommodations to cancer patients and their caregivers if they have to travel more than 40 miles to treatment. My husband influenced our way of thinking when it comes to healing our bodies from the inside out. Food is such a powerful resource. It nurtures our bodies, and it also nurtures relationships with others, and our relationship with our environment.